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15 ton wood pellet boiler in Egypt

Release date : 2018-10-18 18:41:24
    On October 17, 2018, an Egyptian plywood manufacturer ordered two 15 ton biomass boilers from our company. This year, our company has exported nearly 30 fast-assembled biomass boilers, because the fast-assembled biomass boilers developed by our company are small in size, easy to transport and install, and easy to operate. Therefore, it is very popular among foreign customers. This time, the pressure of two 15 ton biomass boilers exported by our company is 20 bar, and the main fuel is wood.
biomass boiler
Capacity : 6-30 t/ 4.2-21 MW
Pressure ≤1.6MPa
Fuel type: Biomass Fuel, Rice Husk, Bagasses 
Application: Food Industry, Heating Supply
Biomass fuel analysis
1. The sulphur content of biomass fuel is mostly less than 0.2%. When it is extinguished, it is not necessary to install gas desulfurization installation, which reduces the cost and is beneficial to environmental maintenance;
2, the use of biomass boiler extinguishing equipment can complete the wide-scale reduction of various biomass resources, harmless, resource application, and low cost, so the biomass direct extinguishing technology has good economy. And development potential.
3. The carbon dioxide released by biomass quenching is roughly equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorbed by the photosynthesis during its growth, so it can be considered as zero emission of carbon dioxide, which helps to alleviate the greenhouse effect;
4, the extinction products of biomass are commonly used, and ash can be comprehensively applied;
    Of course, the above is only a list of some cases. We usually estimate a range based on the customer's initial selection for customer reference. If you are interested in 15 ton wood pellet boiler or other fuel type boilers, please contact ZBG directly online!

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